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At Eames our priority is for you to choose wisely as a designer sofa really is an investment that will add a great contemporary touch to your castle. Eames has a collection of contemporary sofas which include modular sofas,two seater sofas,three seater sofas and four seater sofas from brands such as Moooi,Muuto and Gubi to name but a few.

Los Angeles Stahl House with Costura sofa and Solapa tables

Measure Up

When you are buying a new sofa we can often forget about the most basic of problems that can occur with a new sofa. Access being the main issue.The measurements and dimensions of the sofa will have to be taken into consideration and access to where the sofa is going to be situated will have to be calculated. When buying a new sofa also consider how many people you need to seat at any given time. Also consider how much space the sofa will take up and will it impede your access in and around the room. A good idea is to visualise the footprint of the sofa with newspaper on the ground as it will give you an idea of the space the unit will occupy. So keep an out for tight corners ,low ceilings and narrow hallways on the access route of where your new sofa is going to live.


Sofas play an important role in our down time as they tend to be the havens for where we relax our bodies after a hard day. Where we we watch TV, read, search the net, play games and even eat. So a couch needs to be comfortable so it's important to get it right. When choosing you will have to consider how much living space you have and how to utilise it. How big is your room? Is it a big room that can accomodate a modular sofa or a smaller restrictive room which a compact sofa will work better?

Style and Comfort

As regards sofa styles there are so many out there from traditional and classic all the way to cool and contemporary.Choose your style that suits you and your exising layout. If you have a smaller restrictive room you can play around with narrower sofa arms or even sofas with no arms to give the sofa an overall smaller impression of the sofa within the room. In big wide open plan spaces  modular sofas can work perfectly.

Leather or Fabric

When selecting your colour you will have to consider whether you want to go for all out focus on the sofa and pick a striking colour or if you simply want the sofa to blend into its surroundings and choose a neutral type finish.Fabric options tend to be a lot wider than the leather options that are offered by companies.Fabrics which are woven tightly will be more hard wearing.Wool will have a natural resistence to stains and can be strong and springy. Leather can be quite tough and if looked after can last a lifetime. The beauty of leather is its ability to remain cool in summer and warm in winter. Over time leather ages and it will add character and will stand the test of time.