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Design Classics

In the Design Classics section we take a look at some of the timeless designs that do not seem to waiver with the passing of time. Some styles and designs come and go but in this section we highlight the classics which remain timeless.


The legendary Flos masterpiece,which was first released in 1962,has become a genuine design icon.It was designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castigloni in Milan.The most noticeable design feature is its beautiful arc which at the base of the fitting is a solid chunk of Carrara marble which is garnered from a quarry of a little town in the Italian Alps by the name of Carrara. This exquisite marble from Carrara has been a much sought after material since the Roman times and to this day is still used in sophisticated design.At the business end of the arc sits the height-adjustable aluminium shade.The arch can be adjusted to suit all needs making the Arco a real all round adjustable classic product.

Not only is the Flos Arco a classic,it's also a movie star with countless movie appearances to its name from The Italian Job to not only one but two Bond movies -Diamonds are Forever and Goldfinger.

The Flos Arco is available in a new LED version in honour of its fiftieth birthday using the latest most up to date lighting technology. Both versions of the Flos Arco are available to buy on Eames Lighting.